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The Palladian Itineraries / Palladian Routes Network project is co-financed through the 2014/20 Veneto Region Por Fesr Call Action 3.3.4 Sub-action B as per D.G.R. 1912/2017.


The aim of the co-financed project is to set up a product club anchored in the Palladian heritage, to spread the knowledge of the values ​​interpreted by the same, the territories in which it is inserted and the values ​​of excellence represented in them.


The travel experience that we intend to offer to the visitor will be conveyed by a series of itineraries of which we certify high quality standards, always placing at the center the three pillars of landscape, history and art in what we will tell how the golden age of our civilization.

POR_FESR_Palladian Routes
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